5 Things To Do During the Rock n Roll Savannah Weekend

I’ve been to Savannah a few times and loved it every time. I’m excited to be going back to run the city this time around…previous visits happened before I was a runner and I really enjoyed walking the tree lined picturesque streets. Linking up with Running on Happy and Fairytales and Fitness for Friday Five 2.0!

If you’re visiting Savannah for the first time, there can be an endless list of places to go and see- it can get a bit overwhelming! But this list is the perfect combination of historic, quaint and modern to help you figure out what to see and do, especially if you are only there for race weekend. The good thing about Savannah is it is definitely a walking town, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get those muscles back in action after the race!

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  1. Exploring Forsyth Park
    • This historic park is the start and finish of both the marathon and half marathon on Rock n Roll weekend, and it’s right in the heart of the historic district. It’s known for its Spanish Moss draped Oak Trees and has plenty of walker and runner friendly paths to explore. Within the park, there’s a cafe, visitor information center, two memorials, and playgrounds to accommodate children. Most Saturday morning’s there’s even a Farmer’s Market in the square, but on race morning this won’t be the case. However, if you’re there another weekend, it would be a good time to check out all the fresh local produce!
  2. Learn About Savannah’s Architectural History
    • Take a tour through 300 years of Savannah’s architectural history- the buildings are stunning and take you back to the 1700’s (if you close your eyes you can even imagine ladies walking around in their gowns with parasols and horses and carriages lining the street). Check out Architectural Tours of Savannah for a tour of the tree lined streets and a walk through history, led by a local graduate of SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design).
  3. Make a Pit Stop by the River Street Sweet Shop
    • Let’s be honest, we all have a bit of a sweet tooth! The River Street Sweet Shop has everything from their famous Pecan Pralines to cakes, pies and candy gift boxes. They offer samples in store as well so you can try some of their goodies before committing to a purchase!
    • Looks delicious!
  4. Take a Ghost Tour
    • I love ghost tours; they are always entertaining and usually have lots of historical facts to impart as part of the tour. Sometimes they even do a scary bit! I’ve taken them in many cities but Savannah is the only place I’ve actually seen a spirit/ghost/whatever you want to call it. And yes, I’m not lying, I actually did see something. I’ve included the picture I took above the Bonaventure Cemetery below. Speaking of graveyard’s, you can visit this one in the daytime for some non spooky exploring. But personally I think it’s better at night ;-). For some good tour options, try the Hearse Ghost Tour or the Ghosts and Graveyards Trolley Tour.
    • Can you see him???
  5. Have dinner at the Olde Pink House
    • One of Savannah’s most popular restaurants (so make a reservation now if you want to eat here!), this is a popular spot for low country cooking. Set in Savannah’s only 18th century mansion, if you stay in the adjacent Planter’s Inn you can have dinner delivered to your room or visit the restaurant for a sophisticated old country style feel for dinner. It’s also one of the 4 most haunted restaurants in Savannah, so make sure to find out about the spectacular ghost stories before dining there! It’s well worth the splurge, I assure you.
    • Beautiful and historically haunted Olde Pink House



That’s a list to get you started when you’re in Savannah; no matter what you do you’re sure to have a good time in one of the most picturesque and historic cities in America!

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