RnR Savannah Marathon Training Week 13: 9/25-10/1

Here we are in week 13 of training! Only a few more weeks and I get to taper…ahhhh I never thought I would be looking forward to that so much. After a long hard summer of training, I’m ready to run this marathon and take a break! Linking up with Tricia and Holly for the weekly wrap!

Monday, September 25: Plan- 5 miles, Actual- 4.01

Today’s shakeout run with the RunTampa group was really good. I’m really enjoying the Monday evenings with them. Even though it was supposed to be ‘easy’ miles and I ran faster than I have all summer…oh well. I was enjoying myself and my legs felt good. Cut it short at the group turn around though. Pace: 9:54

Tuesday, September 26: Plan- 3×2 mile repeats, Actual- Rest day

Since I’ve been swapping Tuesdays for Wednesdays in this workout plan, I thought I’d stick to it. Pretty much since I work 12 hours most Tuesdays it’s easier for me to not have to worry about running as well.

Wednesday, September 27: Plan- Rest day, Actual- 4.5 miles, mile repeats

At the bridge group this morning, I did 4 mile repeats (9:45, 9:33, 9:50, 9:55) and a 1/2 mile cool down. Felt good for most of the miles, but I’m not sure I could have gotten more in at that pace. That seems to be my cutoff for sub-10…4 miles or less.

Thursday, September 28: Plan- 8 miles @ goal MP, Actual- 8 miles @ (a little faster than) goal MP

I have a hard time slowing myself down. So for this run I actually ran faster than my goal MP (marathon pace). It was a really good run though- I think the best midweek run I’ve had since I started training! Pace: 10:57

Friday, September 29: Plan- Rest, Actual- Rest

Friday’s are my second rest day of the week and I have no problem sticking to that one!

Saturday, September 30: Plan- 6 easy miles, Actual 5.6 easy miles

I ran into a bit of a time crunch as I had to go to work early and couldn’t stay out longer than an hour today, so I got done what I could in that time. Tried a new route through a neighborhood in the Riverview area which wasn’t too bad. That rounded off my monthly miles with 104.71 for September, the second month I’ve hit 100 miles for marathon training.  Pace: 11:04

Sunday, October 1: Plan- 16 miles, Actual- 16 miles

Went with a friend from the RunTampa group today and knocked out my second to last long run of this marathon training cycle! I’m honestly so excited about this being my second to last…I have one more 16 miler to get done in two weeks and then I’m done. At least with THIS marathon training cycle…I’m about to add another one after the first and my rest weeks. I felt pretty good this whole run…we started out faster than I was used to (my first four miles came in at 10:45, 10:44, 10:54 and 10:39) and then continued on at a more modest pace (for me) in the 11’s for the remainder of the run. The fact that I can hold that pace for 16 miles when it’s in the 80s gives me a lot of confidence going into this marathon. I know that since I’ve trained over the summer, I’m ready for this race. Even if the weather turns out hot (which I really hope it’s not!) I’ll still be able to finish! I definitely have to remember to pace myself well though- I can’t start out that fast in the marathon itself or I’ll fade quick. Pace: 11:19

This was a really great week in training. I hit some good paces, felt good on *most* if not all of my runs at some point, and really surprised myself with my capabilities speed wise. Let’s hope for another good two weeks to finish out my marathon training cycle before the taper and have a strong race on race morning!

Have you ever surprised yourself late in the marathon training cycle? Ever run faster than you thought you could?

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24 thoughts on “RnR Savannah Marathon Training Week 13: 9/25-10/1”

  1. When I trained for Route 66 (last fall), my speed perception was so jacked. My “easy runs” always seemed to be much slower than they felt (which actually was a good thing) and my “fast” runs/workouts showed much faster paces/splits than I was aware of them being (as they were happening). So, yes, it is quite possible to run much faster than you’d ever thought 😉 I’m excited to hear how your marathon goes!!
    Kimberly Hatting recently posted…Can You Say EPIC?My Profile

    1. I’m waiting for the cooler weather to see how much that helps…if I’m running this fast in 80 degree weather I’m sure I’ll feel amazing in 60 degree weather at the same or faster pace!

    1. Thanks! I just get too excited in a race setting. I’ll really have to dial that back for this one.

  2. Pacing is so important. I feel like I’m struggling on some runs, and then I see my pace is faster than I’ve been running the past couple years. It’s great to be stronger, but I need to pace otherwise I’m going to be hurting during my race.

    1. Yep that’s me exactly. This summer lots of my runs felt really hard, but I ended up being faster than I thought. However, I really need to make sure I’m good on race day otherwise I will regret it lol.

    1. Yes, now if only that would translate into race day lol! Heck I’d even be happy with a half marathon at sub-11 minute miles cause I’ve yet to achieve that.

  3. Great week! I have heard great things about Savannah, I would love to do a race-cation there. Can’t wait to read about it here! Good luck with the last few big weeks of training before the glorious taper 🙂

    1. I’ve been there before and it’s really nice. I can’t wait to go back and run the streets!

    1. Thanks! I’m actually getting pretty excited now that it’s getting closer…I’m sure that’ll turn to nerves at some point as race day approaches, but knowing that it’s almost here is getting me all worked up!

  4. You are definitely well prepared if it ends up being warm on race day in Savannah! You’ve worked very hard all summer. Congrats on hitting another month of 100 miles. It’s almost Go Time! Thanks for linking.

  5. Looks like a great week of training! I’m so jealous that you only have one more long run left of training to go until tapering – i have 6 of 18 miles+ left on mine… but then my race isn’t until december! Congrats on your paces as well, it must be such a confidence boost 🙂

    1. Thanks! By December I’ll be back in training for a spring marathon so I’ll be getting back up in miles again. I get a short break the rest of November then back to the grind to finish out the year!

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