RnR Savannah Marathon Training Week 15: 10/9-10/15

It’s here! Taper time! I feel like I waited forever for this week to be over so I could be tapering! And now that I am…I have the taper crazies. Seriously. Last night in bed my heel was hurting and I started thinking, “What if it’s a stress fracture? I heard you could have a stress fracture and not know it…” Yep, it’s starting already. Linking up with Tricia and Holly (a day late and a dollar short) for the Weekly Wrap)!

Monday, October 9: Plan- 7 miles, Actual- 4.1 miles

Today I was supposed to do 7 miles, but a freak storm rolled in during our evening run leading me to cut it short to 4 miles. As I always say though, at least a few miles are better than no miles, right? I’m starting to really enjoy this Monday evening group, although some days I prefer mornings.

Tuesday, October 10: Plan- 3×2 miles @ MP + 10 sec, Actual- Rest

Today was a rest day. Tuesdays are just exhausting.

Wednesday, October 11: Plan- Rest, Actual- 3×2 miles @ MP+ 10 sec

As usual, swapping my Tuesday and Wednesday workouts. I love the bridge run group too. It’s super motivating to get up and go kill it with some badass ladies early in the morning. However. the rest of the day I was toasted. I was so tired. I think it’s because my jerk of a cat kept me awake most of the previous night with his incessant meowing.

Thursday, October 12: Plan- 10 miles @ MP, Actual- Rest

I skipped my Thursday workout in favor of sleeping in. I was a bit regretful about it, but I knew I needed sleep after the previous night not getting any and I also knew the following day I’d have to wake up early due to work. So I opted to take a rest day Thursday instead.

Friday, October 13: Plan- Rest, Actual- 4 miles tempo

Well, it wasn’t a ten mile run, but at least I got some miles in. The hardest thing for me is running in the dark by myself. It just really creeps me out- especially because some places are so dark and quiet. There are no street lights for half the routes I run. So it’s even creepier to go alone. I waited until almost sunrise today. I struggled through this run. It was humid from the get go and I didn’t have a good mindset.

Saturday, October 14: Plan- 6 miles easy, Actual- 5.5 miles easy

I met up with the Riverview group at 6 am, but only managed to get 5.5 miles in before I had to turn back to go home and get ready for work. I had to work at 9am so that meant I had to leave here by 8am to get to work in time. It wasn’t a bad drive. But it did mean not getting in the total mileage due to the time crunch.

Sunday, October 15: Plan- 16 miles long run, Actual- 17.12 miles long run

I overshot my route by a bit, but overall I had a great run! I ran with my friend Krystal from the Runner Within…it was basically her first long training run of marathon training and my last one, so we managed to get one run in together! She did 13 miles and I did the final four miles alone. It was a bit tough towards the end with the sun beating down on me, but I managed to complete the distance! And then it was taper time!

Thanks for the miles BRF!
My last long run before taper!

Now I have nothing over 10 miles until race day!! I honestly can’t wait until this race. I’ve been training pretty much nonstop since last December for some big goal races. With the exception of the week I took off following Gasparilla before getting back into running, I didn’t take more than a day or two off here and there. I’ve been following a training plan this whole time. This race will give me a chance to run my first marathon then take a short break before getting back into spring training! I would take off longer, but as race season is only a few months down here, I don’t want to waste the season by not running any spring races 😉

Do you get the taper crazies? What’s your weirdest taper crazy story?

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