End of Season Reflections and Goals for 2018

I’ve been a bit AWOL lately, but in the wake of the marathon I decided to take some time off and get back into running very slowly. I didn’t want to burn out by pushing myself too fast too soon! I’ve taken the last 10 days off from running, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t working out at all. I started with a CrossFit gym, Cross Fit Manta Ray, last Wednesday and have been doing some workouts with them ever since. I’m really enjoying learning proper lifting form and doing the HIIT style (they call it MetCon- metabolic conditioning) workouts. I can’t wait until I graduate from the beginner program and move on to more intense workouts! Doing all these weight workouts had me thinking of next year and my goals.

I think I’m finally ready to get back into OCR (obstacle racing) full time. I took a break from obstacle racing to focus on distance running and also because I was a bit burnt out on the sport of OCR. However, 2018 is looking like it will be the year of OCR once again! Here’s some goals I’m looking at for 2018:

1. Race competitively at one of the major OCR events. I haven’t decided if this will be Savage Race, Spartan Race or Bonefrog challenge (to be honest, competitive events at Spartan intimidate me the most because the competition is pretty fierce). I’m not the fastest and I’m not the strongest, but I’m thinking all these crossfit classes may help me out with some conditioning to be able to at least be a competitive age grouper.

2. 100% obstacle completion at one of the major events. I have yet to have 100% obstacle completion at an event. Normally there’s at least one thing I don’t complete. Being that my focus is now on getting stronger and maintaining my strength, I’m aiming for 100% obstacle completion at one of these events.

3. Qualify for USOCR or World ChampionshipsBefore I took a break from OCR, the “world’s” were just getting started and one of my goals had been to qualify for them. I didn’t qualify in 2016, and it was probably due to lack of proper training. This year, I’d like to make a serious attempt at qualifying for them.

4. Continue with CrossFit and maintain my weight training. You know how everyone says you have to find something you like doing or else you won’t continue with it? That was how I viewed weight training until recently. I absolutely hated it. It was boring and I could never get behind doing it. However, I’ve really been enjoying this crossfit stuff. It’s not just the weight training, its the combination of workouts that really makes you feel good at the end of the day. And I feel like I’m really improving my strength and functionality as a runner too. So my goal is to be consistent with this type of training. I’m thinking 2x a week will be good.

5. *Possibly* do World’s Toughest Mudder?! Not super sure if this is going to happen or not, but if I’m going to do World’s I think my best chance will be in 2018. It’s in ATLANTA! That’s the closest it’s been since it’s inception. First they held it in the northeast (I think New Hampshire or something) and then they went to Las Vegas the last three years. Travel in November is tricky for me if its not close by because season is in and it’s starting to get busy. So I may try to get to Atlanta so I can participate in World’s Toughest Mudder this year. If I plan my season right, that should be after my 10th Tough Mudder, which will be perfect 🙂

So those are my big goals for 2018…and here’s a brief look back at my season from 2017!

January: Star Wars Light Side 1/2 Marathon, Anaheim, CA

February: Best Damn Race Safety Harbor 5k/10k Challenge; Terrain Race 5k; Gasparilla Ultra Amber Challenge (15k, 5k, 1/2 marathon)

March: Shark’s Tooth 10k; Sarasota 1/2 Marathon

April: Iron Girl 1/2 Marathon, Star Wars Dark Side 1/2 marathon

May: Hogwarts Running Club Unmasked 10 miler (virtual race)

June: Tough Mudder Kentucky, Siesta Key Siren’s Women’s Sprint Triathlon, Sirius 1/2 Marathon (Hogwarts Running Club virtual race)

July: no races

August: no races

September: no races

October: Tough Mudder Central Florida

November: Rock n Roll Savannah Marathon, Game Day 5k

December: Spartan Sprint Central Florida

By the end of the year, my stats will be:

5ks: 2

10ks: 1


10 miler: 1

1/2 marathon: 6

Marathon: 1

Triathlon: 1 sprint

Obstacle Races: 4

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  1. Sounds like you have some really fun goals for next year. I definitely think the crossfit workouts will help you get where you are trying to go. Good luck!

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