Best Damn Race Challenge Training Week 2: 11/27-12/3

Since I know I’m training for the Best Damn Race 5k/10k challenge in February, I’ll call this Best Damn Race training. Still not sure if I’m doing the full yet- reserving judgment on that until the end of the year. So we will go with training for a challenge! I’ve honestly never truly “trained” for a 10k before…like actually followed a plan devised for a 10k. I’ve usually just run 10k’s as part of my training for half marathons, so it’ll be interesting to follow a “plan” for the 10k and find out how I do based on that! Linking up with Tricia and Holly for the Weekly Wrap!

Monday, November 27: Plan- E run + 8 ST, Actual- 5 miles easy + 8 striders

Today’s run called for easy miles plus some striders. I went out for 5 easy miles with the RunClub group tonight. It was a pretty good run. I ran the first 2 miles a bit slower then picked up speed for miles 3-5. Felt pretty good tonight, although it was still a bit warm.

Tuesday, November 28: Plan- 2E+4 sets of 200s and 400s+ 2E; Actual: Rest day

I just wasn’t feeling it today at all. I was supposed to go run but I didn’t want to wake up early because coming off of Black Friday weekend I was definitely exhausted and needed to sleep in. Then I could have gone to run in the evening, but upon getting on the interstate I realized there was a huge accident that was slowing traffic down and it would have taken me almost an hour to drive the 15 miles to where I normally meet the running group. I gave it up as a bad day because I didn’t feel like sitting in traffic that long.

Wednesday, November 29: Plan- E day or rest; Actual- Cross Training

Today I did a CrossFit class in the morning. The workout:

5-5-5-5-5 Push Press 45#


  • 400 m run
  • 3 rounds of 10 box jumps (20″ box), 10 dips off the box, 10 knee raises
  • 400 m run
  • 1000 m row (5:25)

It was a pretty intense workout!

Thursday, November 30: Plan- E day; Actual- 3x1T + 2E miles

Met up with the Tampa group this morning for an early run! Since I didn’t really run the last two days I felt like I needed to run today. The only catch was I forgot my Garmin watch! I used the Nike app instead. The first 3 miles I did at a tempo pace (9:27, 9:17: 9:30) and then followed it by two cool down miles. I had to count the intervals in my head for the cool down miles due to not having anything to time myself with!

Friday, December 1: Plan- 2E + 3x1T, Actual- Cross Training

Since I did the running workout I was supposed to do today yesterday, I ended up going to another CrossFit class tonight. We started with a 200m sprint to “warm up” and then followed that by 5×5 front squats (65#) and then AMRAP 3-6-9-12-15-18 front squats (this time with 55#) followed by burpees. I made it through the 18 reps of the front squat but ran out of time before I got to the burpees #sorrynotsorry.

Saturday, December 2: Plan- E day or Rest, Actual: Rest

At first I was going to wake up and run this morning but I ended up staying up really late the night before so I opted to sleep in and not get up early. Then I went out with my other half to celebrate our anniversary 🙂 It was fun but we had to schedule part 2 of the date for Sunday due to it being so late when we got out to eat! (We’re old, haha).

Sunday, December 3: Plan- 9 miles M, Actual- 8 miles at faster than M pace

Oops I ran a bit faster than I thought or intended. It just felt so nice outside this morning! I figured I would be slower because of all the squats (and I was totally starting to feel the DOMS in my adductor muscles) but I ended up going faster than I intended. It was great to run with a friend from the Riverview group- its much nicer when you have company for the miles! We got through it and loved the 60 degree weather we had! It’s even supposed to drop further into lows in the 40s later this week! Can’t wait for that kind of weather!!

Total Miles this Week: 18

Total Miles this Training Plan: 37.15

Are you enjoying the cooler running weather? Have you ever forgotten your Garmin when going out for a tempo/speedwork session? 

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4 thoughts on “Best Damn Race Challenge Training Week 2: 11/27-12/3”

  1. I’m so jealous of your weather!

    I’m almost done with a 10k training plan and I’m curious to see how it goes. It’s my first time actually training for a 10k also.

    1. Haha we only get weather jealousy a few months out of the year! Most of the time it’s so hot it’s miserable!

    1. Twice a week isn’t bad…I know some people who do it every day. I would die then lol, I was sore for days after we did back squats one week!

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