Best Damn Race Challenge Training Week 3: 12/4-12/10

Last week = not the best in training week. I have been feeling under the weather and with the temps dropping into the 40’s it’s been hard for me to get my butt up and out of bed in the morning! Linking up with Tricia and Holly for the Weekly Wrap!

Monday, December 4: Plan- Easy day w/8 ST or Rest; Actual- Rest

I didn’t run today. We have a group run on Mondays’ but in order to keep store coverage we have to switch off between associates running, so I let another associate go on the run tonight. I just worked a nice long 12 hour shift and then went home.

Tuesday, December 5: Plan- warm up w/4x200R+200jg, 4x400R, 4x200R+200jg, c/d; Actual- just that!

Yeah, I wasn’t about to type that out twice but I went to the track after work for a speed session and I killed my speedwork training. I did a 1/2 mile w/u with the 200/400 m reps in between and I had amazing times! My first set of 200s were: 6:47, 7:45, 7:48, 7:39 (I may have been a bit excited on that first rep haha); 400s came in at: 8:23, 8:04, 8:11, 8:00, and final 200s at: 7:13, 7:34, 7:54, 7:51. I was super excited to see those times on my Garmin! I’ve worked really hard over the summer to get faster and it feels like all that heat induced suffering is finally paying off!

Wednesday, December 6: Plan- 5 easy miles, Actual- Rest

I was planning on getting up this morning to run but once again I was plagued with fractured sleep so I wasn’t able to wake up. I decided to sleep in a little instead. I did end up going to CrossFit in the morning though and did a workout: I’ll be honest, all I can remember doing is hanging snatches, which was a pretty tough workout, but I really can’t remember what else we did!

Thursday, December 7: Plan- 2T + 2 min rest + 3×3 min H w/2 min jog rec + 8x200R w/200 jog rec; Actual: 4 miles of bridge repeats

So I translated this into something easier- bridge repeats. I did several 3 minute reps of sprinting up the bridge, followed by jogging down the other side of the bridge. And we did a warm up 1/2 mile and cool down half mile after. It was a pretty good workout! Being that I haven’t done the Ringling bridge in a while, I forgot how much steeper the incline was than the bridge I’ve been doing in Tampa (which is pretty much an overpass).

I followed that intense workout with working on some form for my squats and overhead presses with my former trainer at GYM SRQ! Since I no longer live in Sarasota I haven’t been able to go to classes there anymore, but I do miss the small group training sessions she used to do!

Friday, December 8: Plan- Rest, Actual- Rest

Today I went to volunteer for Spartan Race so I didn’t get a workout in. I did walk all over the kids course (approximately 1 mile course) and helped set up numerous obstacles and tents and tables, so I guess it was kind of a workout! It was a good day working on setting things up and it earned me a free race credit that I used to race on Sunday morning! I worked with some really funny guys who called themselves “Shae” and “Marco” (they were fake names) who kept us laughing all day long!

Saturday, December 9: Plan- 8 miles easy, Actual- Rest

When I woke up Saturday it was a) freezing and b) raining. I can do cold and I can do rain, but I don’t do both at the same time, so I opted to stay in bed this morning. I also didn’t want to increase my chances of being sick and being outside in the freezing cold rain wouldn’t help me any. Plus my bed just felt nice and cozy 😉

Sunday, December 10: Plan- 8 miles easy, Actual- Spartan Race! (5.5 miles @ a pretty hard effort!)

Sunday was Spartan Race day! I kind of added this last minute when I found out they’d be in town because the venue was only 35 minutes from my house- how could I resist an OCR so close? I was in the 10am volunteer wave and boy was it freezing cold outside! I’ll post a full race report later, but for the purposes of this workout recap, let’s just say that I was dressed in the warmest clothing I had and it still wasn’t warm enough! I had a really great time and an even better performance though so I’m super excited about it! And today I’m even not all that sore! I can tell my fitness levels are improving! Hint: If you want a sneak peek check out my Instagram!

JahLisa and I…we live about 10 minutes apart and see each other more at OCR events than we do in real life!

Our team post race-freezing and trying to warm up!

That was my last race of the season, and while I’m sad that race season is (temporarily) over for me, I’m happy that I finished it in my favorite sport with a stellar performance! I really missed going to OCR’s and hanging out with my OCR fam…it was such a great day yesterday! Now I can’t wait until February when race season returns!

What’s your race season? Do you have a particular side of running that you ‘specialize’ in? Do you have a running family? 

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  1. Congratulations on your amazing interval paces this week! The temps were really cold in FL for that Spartan race. But, I’m glad you did well and had fun — that’s the main thing. I’m also having a hard time getting up in the mornings. What is up with that? Thanks for linking!

    1. I don’t know!! Normally I love cold mornings but lately I just want to snuggle in bed!

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