Best Damn Race Challenge Training Week 4 & 5: 12/11-12/24

Once again I had a fractured training week for week 4. Week 5 was a little better but I swear life is just getting in the way of things this month. Usually this happens to me over the summer when it’s hot because I’m totally NOT motivated to train when its hot out, but lately I’ve been feeling that way this month. I’m not sure if its just because I’m still a little burned out from all the hardcore marathon training I did, but I haven’t really been feeling early morning runs and have been pretty lax about sticking to a schedule this time around. At this point, I’m pretty confident that a spring marathon is NOT happening- I’m just not mentally ready to commit to that level of training again. Linking up with Tricia and Holly for the Weekly Wrap!

Monday, December 11: Plan- Easy run + 8 ST; Actual- 3.15 miles easy

Today was the potluck RunClub at work, so I went on the 5k route with them tonight. After running Spartan yesterday, I was surprised my legs worked for this run! I wasn’t as sore as I normally am post race, though I did have numerous bruises from the obstacles. It was by no means my speediest workout, but it was a solid pace and a good run.

Tuesday, December 12: Plan- 2E + 4x400R w/400 rec + 1E + 4x400R w/400 rec; Actual- Rest

I planned on going for a run this morning, but when I got home I must have fallen asleep watching TV because I woke up with the most terrible neck pain ever. I decided to stay in bed instead of attempting to run, which was a good thing because I was in a severe amount of pain. Luckily I also didn’t work today, so I just rested all day. It was pretty nice. In the evening I went to an abs class at the CrossFit box I’ve been going to. We had to do Farmer’s Carries, holds, planks, Russian twists and all kinds of other torture for your abs. I tried to lift some weights too, but I guess that was a bad idea because my neck started to bother me again after doing that.

Wednesday, December 13: Plan- Rest, Actual- 3 miles easy

Since I’m really horrible at listening to the signs my body is giving me, I stubbornly went to meet with my regular Wednesday bridge group and decided to attempt to run. When I got out of bed I realized this was a mistake because it hurt to keep my head upright, but do you think I stopped and went back home? Nope. I ran a few flats (at least I didn’t try to sprint uphill) and since I do have to drive about 20 minutes away from home to run the bridges, I was determined to get “at least” 3 miles in for today’s run. So that’s what I did. I’m not sure if I made my neck worse, but it certainly didn’t help any.

Thursday, December 14: Plan- 5 mile tempo, Actual- Rest

Today I was in so much pain I didn’t even go to work. It was pretty bad. At least I got to spend the day on the couch napping.

Friday, December 15: Plan- 2E+ 4x200R w/200 rec + steady 3T + 4x200R w/200 rec; Actual- Rest

Once again I took the day off. After resting all the previous day, my neck felt a lot better, but I didn’t want to risk it by making a dumb decision and hurting myself more. I didn’t even lift anything at work today to be on the absolute safe side.

Saturday, December 16: Plan- E day + 8ST; Actual- Rest

I was feeling better when I woke up today but I really didn’t want to push it since this was the first day I had total mobility in my neck. One more rest day couldn’t hurt right? It was killing me not being able to work out at all though.

Sunday, December 17: Plan- E day; Actual- 7.75 miles

Today was the first day since Wednesday I attempted a run. The plan was to meet friends at 6:30 and do a few miles, then reassess and see how I was feeling. Turns out that after the first 2.5 miles, I felt great so I did another 5.25 miles after that! I’m so glad I was able to knock out some miles and have a great run with people I hadn’t run with in a while. I missed my RunTampa group!

Monday, December 18: Plan- Cross Train, Actual- CrossFit

Today I went to CrossFit to see if my neck was truly feeling better since tweaking it. Since it felt better on the run, I was hoping I wouldn’t feel pain during class tonight and it turns out I didn’t. We worked on Back Squats for strength (though with a much lighter weight than normal because we were cleaning the weight off the ground instead of from the rack) and the did the following workout:

AMRAP 7 minutes (first two exercises, then rest 2 min with another AMRAP for the second two):

  • 15 wall balls (10# ball)
  • 15 push ups
  • 30 singles (or DUBS if you can do those- I can’t still)
  • 15 sit ups

It was a pretty intense workout and my arms were sore at the end of it trying to do all those push ups!

Tuesday, December 19: Plan- 2E + 6×800 I + 2E, Actual- 4.5 tempo miles

Tonight I went to the RunTampa Christmas Lights Run- we had such a big group! Normally we don’t have a huge group on Tuesdays, but because of the holiday special run we did. It was really nice to have everyone at the run and get to socialize a little. They said “dress festive” so I wore my Ugly Sweater socks and found a sock twin! It was a really pretty route from our normal one with detours down all the side streets in Hyde Park to see the lights. They really do it up in downtown Tampa for Christmas! I maintained about a 10:19 pace, which felt pretty good, despite it being a bit hotter than its been this month. After finishing this run, I uploaded my miles into the run tracker I’ve been using and found out that I’m only 19 miles away from my 1,000 for the year! I’ll barely make it, but I’ll definitely finish it!

Wednesday, December 20: Plan- Cross Train; Actual- Cross Train + 3-4 miles

True to plan I did go to CrossFit this morning where I was actually the only one in class so I kinda got the personalized treatment and it was like a personal training session! Coach Tommy asked what I wanted to work on and I chose cleans and snatches because those are the moves I’ve only done once so it was nice to get personalized training on them. I feel much better about cleans than snatches- snatches are such a hard movement to put together. Maybe one day I’ll get them? After working on the strength portion of the workout, we did the following:

3 rounds of:

  • Bike at 85% max power for 30 seconds
  • 5 burpees
  • 10 KB swings (25#)
Working on cleans in CrossFit

At first I was like, “That’s such a short workout!” but after round 1 I changed my mind! It was definitely intense! One thing I love about CrossFit is the workout is always changing. Every time I go there’s a different WOD (workout of the day) so its kind of impossible to get bored!

While normally on Wednesdays I just stick to cross training, today I decided to go on another run. The MRTT group I’m a part of in Riverview went on another Christmas light run- this time I did 4 miles. The first mile was super slow due to stopping to take pictures of all the lights- one of the houses on our route was featured on Bay News 9 for having such an awesome light show! It was really incredible!

MRTT Christmas Light Run

Thursday, December 21: Plan- 2E+3T+4x200R w/200 jg + 2E; Actual- 3 sloooowww miles

Tonight’s group run was with the UTC RunClub. I ran with the frents group and we did 3 slow miles, recovery pace. It was a bit hard for me not to push the pace, but I know its not always good to go hard and fast on every workout. So I reined it in and stuck with the slower pace.

Friday, December 22: Plan- Rest; Actual- Rest

Finally a rest day! Tonight we had our frents group White Elephant Christmas gift exchange. That was the first time I’d done one of those and it was really fun! I definitely hope we do this again next year. It was fun to steal gifts from each other and the laughs we got from the whole thing were really funny.

Saturday, December 23: Plan- E day + 8 ST; Actual- Rest

Today I worked a really long day and started pretty early so I declined to run. Besides with staying out the night before, I didn’t feel like waking up at the ass crack of dawn to go for a run.

Sunday, December 24: Plan- L run 25% of weekly mileage or 120 minutes; Actual- 8 mile L run (about 1.5 hours)

Today we met for a Christmas Eve morning group run and we ended up going 8 miles. It was really nice to get together with a small group of girls and get our runs in before the holiday festivities started! After this past week, I’m starting to feel back on track with my running…and after this run I was that much closer to hitting my 1,000 mile goal for the year! After one more run this week I will be at my thousand miles. I’m debating whether or not I should commit to running 1,000 miles next year but I’m thinking I will end up doing it. I’m a glutton for punishment.

Have you ever done a White Elephant gift exchange? What about a Christmas lights run? Do you like to set yearly mileage goals? 


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  1. The Christmas Lights Run sounds like fun! It’s funny someone was wearing the same socks. You’ve trained a lot this year. I think losing motivation is perfectly normal. I think after a little break, you’ll feel ready to get back into training and crush those new goals of yours!

    1. Thanks Holly! Watching all the Disney marathoners was pretty inspiring…I may be ready to give it another go! We’ll see how it goes now that I’m back on a more regular work schedule after the holidays.

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