Best Damn Race Challenge Training Week 6: 12/25-12/31

Here we are at the end of another year and I’m still wondering how we got here already. My timehope was pulling up all kinds of memories from last year and its always the same…how did the year go by so fast? Though last year according to my memories I ran 523 miles and this year I manged 1016…almost double what I did last year so that was pretty cool to see! Linking up with Tricia and Holly for the Weekly Wrap!

My week in training went a lot better than previous weeks. I went out for all my workouts this week- even if I didn’t hit the intended mileage each time. That’s good because this week I’m going to be away for work and it’ll be a pretty hectic and crazy week so I’m not sure how much running I’ll be able to get in!

Monday, December 25: Plan- Rest; Actual- Rest

Yep I took today entirely off. I went to my mom’s in the morning to celebrate Christmas with my family, but I did not run or work out all day. It felt great to sleep in and relax and not have to worry about anything. Christmas was great with my family and we had fun playing games and hanging out.

Tuesday, December 26: Plan- 4×1200; Actual- 4×1200

After work, I went to group track meet up at Payne Park. The workout called for 4×1200 meter repeats, with 800m @ 10k pace and the last 400m @ faster than 5k pace. It was a tough workout! But this was the one that got me to my 1,000 miles for the year! I did it!

Today I also signed up for America’s Toughest Mudder…this is step 1 to my HUGE goals for next year!

Wednesday, December 27: Plan- Cross Train; Actual- Rest

I was thinking of going to Vertical Ventures to do some rock climbing today, but ended up not going because I got lazy. I’m waiting to officially join the CrossFit box I’ve been going to until I get some extra cash…which right now I don’t have haha. Hopefully soon I will though!

Thursday, December 28: Plan- 5 tempo miles; Actual- 3 tempo miles

The plan called for tempo miles (5 of them) today, but when I got out my legs felt really wonky and my ankles were sore, so I ended up only doing 3 miles with a friend who was doing her final training run for the Dopey Challenge. Then I was exhausted the rest of the day but at least I got to nap before going into work because I went in pretty late.

Friday, December 29: Plan- Cross Train or Rest; Actual- Rest

I went into work early today because today was the day we were supposed to get a corporate walk and I ended up being slammed at work all day long. It was a mentally and emotionally exhausting day. Not only was I running back and forth helping people, but our corporate people did come in,,,only to have a meeting and cancel the walk for yet another date in the future. This is the third time its been rescheduled on me so…I hope the next time we do it it finally sticks. I really don’t like when they come in for the walks because it takes up so much of my time and it’s like my head is stuck in a fan. Anyway…on to better days.

Saturday, December 30: Plan- 6 easy miles; Actual- 3.75 miles (at a decently fast pace)

Originally I was going to wake up and run today with the local group, but I tossed and turned all night and decided to turn my alarm off and sleep in. However, I felt bad about being lazy and not getting up to run so I became one of “those” people who runs on their lunch breaks- previously reserved only for the most competitive or serious runners who worked in the store. I managed to get in *almost* 4 miles in the 40 minutes I reserved for running (because I still had to eat so I saved 20 minutes for food). It was a pretty good run though- and it was so nice out that it didn’t even bother me to start running at 3:20 in the afternoon!

Sunday, December 31: Plan- 10 miles; Actual- 10 miles

Today I was a little nervous because I have been “off” for a while and haven’t been feeling the long runs…or getting up early. Since the marathon I’ve just been in a running “funk.” I say that- and people look at my stats for this month and think “that’s not much of a funk.” Yes, I still ran a significant amount of miles, but it’s been fractured and they haven’t been my best runs. It’s more like I’ve been forcing myself to run- not like I’ve been enjoying it or feeling the training. Anyway, I decided to get over my “funk” I needed to run double digits today. End the year on a high note, you know? And it turns out I did! And it felt great! I think this run was just what I needed to get me back on track. Not saying that that’s it and I’ll never be out of it again, but I definitely feel like I’m on the right track now.

Despite getting off to a rough start this month, I think I’m ending the year on a high note. There have been some amazing pros and some not so good cons to this year, but overall I think it was a pretty productive year.

2018 will be the year of the Badger!!


  • Lots of races! Some great PR’s including a 10k PR, 1/2 PR, 15k PR and full marathon PR!
  • Finishing my first full marathon in November!
  • Continuous year of training- I didn’t stop training at all this year, unlike previous years
  • Hitting my 1,000 miles goal for this year! The most I’ve ever run in a year!
  • Moving into a new house- finally back in the Tampa area like I wanted
  • Getting my baby kitty- I’m so happy Kylo is in our family now!
  • My first full year in a job I actually don’t hate
  • Being a Tough Mudder Ambassador


  • Not getting to do the Chicago Marathon- it was the right decision, but it didn’t make it suck any less
  • Having to give up a few things I had planned because financially the timing wasn’t right; sometimes things just don’t work out the way we planned…there were a few things that I ended up not doing because I had to restructure my budget after moving.
  • General life stresses that happen- some family issues that I won’t get into here, but I think 2018 will be a year that we come through those.


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12 thoughts on “Best Damn Race Challenge Training Week 6: 12/25-12/31”

  1. I know that not running the Chicago Marathon was a hard decision, but like you said, it was the best decision to make.

    I love so many f the positives from your year, especially hitting 1,000 miles for the year and your PRs!

    1. Yes! I did have some amazing races and hit some awesome goal mileage! Now on to new goals for the 2018 year!!

  2. I bet that was so nice to just sleep in and relax on Christmas, I probably would have done the same had I not been doing the run streak! You have had so many more pros that outweigh the cons. Chicago marathon is not going anywhere.

    1. True, it isn’t. One of these days I’ll get up there for it! And I’m glad I had a good year despite some setbacks.

  3. Great week of running and congrats on a fabulous year! That is a lot of PR’s and experiences and awesome mileage!
    I know all about the funk lol I ran through it, but I have been feeling that way for a few months, it is nice when it lifts!

    1. I’m hoping that now that my traveling and work schedule is going back to normal post holidays it’ll be easier to get back into a regular training schedule.

  4. You had an amazing year and racked up some impressive mileage! Congrats on nailing the marathon distance yoo. I look forward to following your training for America’s Toughest Mudder. Happy New Year and thanks for linking!

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