Favorite Race of 2017: TOTR

For today’s Tuesday’s on the Run, we’re talking about our favorite race of 2017. Well jeez, just make things hard for me, won’t ya? I race so much it’s hard to find a favorite! Linking up with Erika, Marcia and Patty for Tuesday’s on the Run!

This year I’m going to say that my favorite overall race was Gasparilla weekend. Many things contributed to it being the most awesome race weekend by far…first off, a bunch of the “friends in my phone” from the Facebook Sub 30 Club came down to Florida for the event, which made it so fun! We hung out all weekend, talked, laughed and did our favorite thing together- running!

The sub-30 club at Gasparilla.

Second, a bunch of PR’s were set on course! Two of our members set super high half goals and nailed their times and my friend and I had a really good 15k time and finally got that sub-2:30 half we’d been chasing for a while! It was a great feeling!

With the subbers post race!

Third, I ran some really strong races. Despite it being a triple race weekend for me, I felt I couldn’t have performed better in the 15k or 1/2 than I did at that time. I just ran some really strong races and my pacing was on point and went really smoothly. Race wise, I’d say this was a great event for me.

BRF Krystal and I

And last, the medals are definitely something to be admired! For the challenge, we got four medals, plus finisher jackets. This is definitely my favorite bling of the year.

What was your favorite race of 2017? Do you typically run the race multiple times or do you try to run different races every year? 


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6 thoughts on “Favorite Race of 2017: TOTR”

  1. You know, now that I think of it there aren’t many races that I repeat. I’ve done the Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle half twice (and the full once) because I got free entries through work. And then this was my 2nd year doing the local Turkey trot. When I think forward to what races I want to do next year, the ones closest to home are the only ones I’d want to repeat. If I’m going to travel for a race I want it to be someplace new.

    1. I like to travel to new places as well. Even though I’ve done Tough Mudder six times, it’s never been on the same course. So it’s a new race every time basically!

  2. Sounds like a great race for sure! My favorite has to be the NYC Half even though it was hard and I broke a crown around mile 9 …. it was still an amazing experience! Although now that I said that, the RW Half was amazing without the dental woes …. Hmmm.

    1. That doesn’t sound fun! Glad you still managed to have a good time with a broken crown though!

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